What should I do after a motor vehicle accident?

Always call 911 and report the accident. Check for injuries. If you are injured and your injuries are of an urgent nature, the 911 operator can dispatch an ambulance to take you to the emergency room. When the officer arrives, always tell the truth about how the accident happened. However just stick to the facts and keep your answers short and concise. Make sure you obtain an accident report number from the officer before he or she leaves.

Also check and see if your vehicle is safe to drive. If not, request a toll truck. Next, call the expert injury attorneys at Jimmy Hwang, LLC . We will fight to ensure that you receive a just and fair compensation for your injuries. We strongly advise that you not speak to the driver at fault’s insurance company prior to consulting with your attorney at Jimmy Hwang, LLC. Of course, you should also not sign any papers from the insurance company without first contacting your attorney. Call Jimmy Hwang, LLC now, where help is just a call away.

What should I do after a work accident?

Determine whether your injury is of an urgent nature, if it is, go straight to the nearest emergency room. Next contact your supervisor and boss and report the accident. Tell the truth, but keep your answers short and concise. Then call the workers’ compensation specialists at Jimmy Hwang, LLC, we will fight for your rights under the workers’ compensation law. Call us now. Help is just a call away.

What am I entitled to for a work accident?

Under Georgia law, persons injured in a work accident are entitled to three primary benefits. The first benefit is medical treatment. The insurance company is required to pay for all medical treatment related to your accident. This also includes treatment with specialists, diagnostic testing, prescriptions, and mileage/parking reimbursement for your doctor’s appointments.

The next benefit is weekly income checks. If you are unable to work because the authorized treating physician has taken you out of work, you are entitled to two-thirds of your average weekly wage, up to a maximum of $675 per week. If you are working a light duty job due to work restrictions placed on you by the authorized treating physician, and you are making less money because of those restrictions, then you are entitled to two-thirds of the difference between your current pay and your pre-accident pay, up to a maximum of $450 per week.

The third benefit if for permanent partial disability. Hopefully you will make a 100% recovery. However, if you do not make a full recovery, the doctor can assign a permanent partial disability rating for your injury. Depending on the rating the doctor assigns and the body part you injured, you will be entitled to receive payment for your permanent partial disability.

The workers’ compensation specialists at Jimmy Hwang, LLC will fight to protect your rights under the workers’ compensation law. Call Jimmy Hwang, LLC now, help is just a call away.


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